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Your international source for raw powders or capsules, Antioxidant, calorie restriction mimetics (resveratrol), mitochondrial, and telomere support (COQ10 & Cycloastragenol), bio-regulator peptides, DNA methylation etc.

We have now also launched a new additional website at  Invisible Healing International from www.invisiblehealing.international

to specialise in the latest research into frequency and light technology


For our FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

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Longevity Science Reasearch ™ 

To comply with constantly changing worldwide legislatiion we sell all standard supplement items only to resellers or practitioners and these are not for sale to the general public unless specifically agreed on individual items.

All other items are sold for research only and not for human consumption.

You will need to agree to our terms and conditions as a longevity science research member before making any purchase



We  supply internationally through  worldwide practitioners and resellers on 6 continents. Our resellers also now include progressive doctors following the principles of integrative medicine and other progressive or naturopathic and orthomolecular  practitioners.

All our products are dietary supplements and contain high purity ingredients and, with the exception of synthesised peptides,  contain only natural products. The only synthesised products we offer are research peptides synthesised to mimic natural substances found in the human body. No human or animal extracted products are used in our nutraceutical ingredients or  peptides. Our natural vegetable encapsulated products contain high purity ingredients without any additives or excipients commonly used by corporate encapsulators to improve the financial viability and operation of the encapsulation process.


All our capsules used are the best quality Pullulan vegetable capsules.

As most of our products are as a result of cutting edge scientific research far ahead of the mainstream we make no medical claims and only make these products available to our own researcher club members not to the general public.

All sales are  non consumer sales and returns are only accepted in the unlikely event that we send you the wrong item.

Legal Disclaimer for All our products:-

Product statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration or their equivalent organisation in any country unless otherwise stated. No product is intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.


We give you free membership to the Longevity Science Research  members club and offer you links for you to do any independent research you want to do to assist your existing research and knowledge.


We  are members and sponsors of the following professional bodies:-  



British Longevity Society
Alliance for Natural Health 
International Longevity Alliance
Longecity & Immortality Institute
Methuselah Foundation funding contributor & member "300" club
National Health Federation l)
The Anti-Aging Professional Network 






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